Carpet Shampoo for Pet Stains

Having a pet has a multitude of thrills. First, I am hardly ever bored in the house as my dog is always in the mood to play. Secondly, my kids have someone to play with when they get bored, allowing me enough time to whip up a meal in the evening when the sitter leaves. Third, Tyron is a cute helper around the house, and he understands simple things like ‘fetch me my slippers.’ All in all, having him around is a thrill through and through.

The problem comes about in the stains he leaves behind. While I may have trained my dog to do his dirty business outside, even adding a doggie door to help him in his quest, he insists on peeing on the carpet. I mean, the urine stains not only look terrible but they also emit odors that keep me from enjoying some potato crisps on the couch while catching up with the Real Housewives franchise. It got to the point that I avoided having friends over so that they would not see the mess I had in the living room, dining room and all other carpeted areas.

I cringed and cursed and threatened to give him away for a while before I finally decided to get a cleaning agent that could help me out. I figured that after all Tyron is a dog. And when he has to do his business, he does not mind where it happens as long as he feels good afterward. So I finally went on a buying spree to get some good cleaning products, and this is what I found to work best.

What’s a carpet shampoo?

A carpet shampoo works to remove deeply embedded debris and dirt that other cleaning products cannot reach. In this way, you get to get rid of all smells and stains in your carpet. That’s why I opted to go down this route as opposed to getting the usual products on the shelves. The other options work for dirt and simple stains and using them did not help out much with the odors. I still had to block my doorway with my foot whenever a friend came around. Like, ‘don’t look in there, my kid just made a mess!’ LOL!


Some carpet shampoos work wonders while others can be a tad disappointing. I must have used at least thirteen products before deciding on the ones listed below:

What is the best carpet cleaner for pets?

Here are the products which I have used, which Tyron has not had a problem with over the years. They also ensure that the first thing I smell when entering the house is not dog urine.

List of Top-Rated Carpet Shampoos for Pet Stains

Product ImageProduct NameSizeShipping WeightSuitabilityMore Information
1. Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator1. Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator6*6*12 inches8.7 poundsStain RemovalMore Information
2. Bissell Antibacterial 2-in-1 Carpet Cleanser2. Bissell Antibacterial 2-in-1 Carpet Cleanser3.4*5.6*10.6 inches3.05 poundsOdor ControlMore Information
3. Natural Enzyme Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner and Odor Eliminator Concentrate3. Natural Enzyme Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner and Odor Eliminator Concentrate2*2*6 inches0.55 poundsDeodorizationMore Information
4. Hoover PETPLUS Concentrated Formula (Pet Stain and Odor Remover)4. Hoover PETPLUS Concentrated Formula (Pet Stain and Odor Remover)6.2*3*11.5 inches4.41 poundsStain RemovalMore Information
5. Bissell 2* Pet Stain and Odor Full Size Machine Formula5. Bissell 2* Pet Stain and Odor Full Size Machine Formula2.6*4.6*8.2 inches1.5 poundsStain ProtectionMore Information

The Best Carpet Shampoos for Pet Stains Reviews

1. Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator

General Overview

One thing I like about this carpet cleaner is that it works to remove stains left by both cats and dogs. So if I ever decide to get a feline friend for my dear Tyron, I would know what would serve them best. It does not contain any chlorine, and this makes it safe for use around pets and children. You should also note that it does not leave any residue behind, something which has earned it certification under the CRI over the years. If you are dealing with colored rugs in the house, you will be happy to know that it only works on stains and will not get rid of the colors.

It works on organic spills ranging from vomit to feces all the way to unmistakable pet urine stains using a proven formula. In doing so, it eliminates the odors too, ensuring that the carpet feels and smells fresh. Other than on stained rugs, you can also rely on it to clean other surfaces in the house. Pets can mess up a lot of areas including their carriers to your closets, and you can count on this stain remover to deal with these situations.

It works by enzymes. Thus, when the bacteria present come into contact with the stains left behind by pets, they feed on the organic matter, ensuring that they leave behind a clean surface that is safe for everyone in the house. They also feed on ammonia crystals in the process.


Q: Can I use this on hardwood surfaces?
A: This product works great at removing stains from hardwoods without adversely affecting the wood or seal thereupon. However, ensure that you do not leave it on the surface for longer than required to get the best results.
Q: Will this product keep my cat from peeing in the same spot?
A: Yes, after a while, pets start looking for other areas to pee.

If you are looking for a safe way to get rid of stains and odors without harming your pets, then this cleaner will do.

2. Bissell Antibacterial 2-in-1 Carpet Cleanser

General Overview

Regular cleaning products work to remove the dirt but are unable to get rid of the odors stemming from the buildup of debris and that is where a pet odor carpet shampoo comes into the picture. This cleaner works through a deep-cleaning mechanism which enables it to reach dirt that is buried in the carpet, thus resulting in the elimination of odors. Once you place this in a carpet shampoo machine, the rest of the work is quite easy, and you should finish within minutes. What’s more, it works to control the activities of odor-causing bacteria such that your pet may pee and it would take a while for you to notice.


Q: How high is the pH?
A: I tested it, and it came to about 2.5-3.5. Thus, it is strong enough to get rid of stains without ruining your carpet.
Q: Can I use it on other surfaces such as car seats?
A: It works just as well on other surfaces. However, be sure to crack a window as its smell can be strong when used in a small space.

For odor control over a long period, this is a good option, especially when you have a pet whose urine’s smell is quite strong. As such, if you have been wondering ‘what neutralizes dog urine?’, you may have found your answer.

3. Natural Enzyme Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner and Odor Eliminator Concentrate

General Overview

When it comes to what is the best dog urine stain and odor remover, this product ranks quite high on the list, and it is not for naught. Studies have shown that most household cleaning products are the cause behind the majority of the health problems that people face today. Not only do they end up ingesting the chemicals in cleaning products, but people also breathe in the fumes from these cleaners and they more often than not, end up with health complications. This shampoo is one of the few that the EPA considers safe for use around humans and pets, and it is for this reason that people have taken to it.

This natural cleaner works by the use of enzymes and is safe for use on all surfaces in the house including laundry. This concentrate amounts to eight pounds of detergent upon dilution, ensuring that you have enough to clean all areas where your cute friend may have made a mess. What’s more, thanks to its deodorization abilities, it leaves the entire house smelling fresh.


Q: My pet likes to pee on concrete surfaces. Can this help?
A: Yes, this cleaner works on concrete, and you can use it to remove both organic and oil stains with ease. If you use a pressure washer, you can clean the stain immediately. If not, wait a few hours before working on the stain.
Q: I am getting this for pet urine but was wondering if it works on sweat stains too.
A: This cleaner works on the organic matter present with ease and half an hour of soaking should do the trick.

Not only will this cleaner work on the dirt, but it will also ensure that the atmosphere feels fresh afterward. Thus, it is an excellent choice when dealing with a pet that pees a lot. It also works in cleaning bird cages.

4. Hoover PETPLUS Concentrated Formula (Pet Stain and Odor Remover)

General Overview

If one of the issues you are currently facing is how to get stains out of carpets without adversely affecting their life, then this stain remover is a great option. This powerful detergent not only works on messes on rugs and carpets, but you can also use it on other surfaces such as car seats. It leaves a cotton breeze scent that helps to mask the smell of urine. The great thing about it is that it is gentle on carpets, ensuring that you do not undergo a loss when trying to get rid of stains. It also lacks phosphates, which means that it is safe for use around pets and kids.


Q: Can this work on old stains?
A: Yes, it also helps in masking the scent from previous messes, leaving you with a clean carpet.
Q: Will this affect my dogs?
A: It is a non-toxic product and should thus have no adverse effect on your pets.

Sometimes carpet shampoos can be a tad harsh on your carpet, leaving you with torn rugs in the process. With this product, it is not a problem that you will encounter.

5. Bissell 2* Pet Stain and Odor Full Size Machine Formula

General Overview

When it comes down to the best carpet shampoo for cat urine, this product ranks quite high for many reasons. For one, it not only removes the existing stains but also comprises a Scotchgard protector which works in preventing future messes. Secondly, you can safely use it in machines to make your work more manageable. And the icing on the cake must be that it does not have any dyes, heavy metals, phosphates or other ingredients that could harm you and your pet. The components are all biodegradable.


Q: Can I also use this on upholstery?
A: Yes, you can use this cleaner on other surfaces in addition to your carpet.
Q: Is it possible to use this shampoo for spot cleaning by hand?
A: I do not see why not. It should be as effective as using a machine.

If you are looking for how to get cat urine smell out of carpets, then this is a great place to start.

Factors to consider when buying a carpet shampoo for pet urine

There are some things that you should think about before getting a carpet shampoo to remove dog urine, to ensure that you are making the right choice. Here goes:

Regular vs. enzyme cleaning

When shopping, you will realize that the products on sale operate in two ways. The first option uses enzyme cleaning while the other uses regular cleansing methods. The enzyme cleaners combine the workings of both bacteria and enzymes to ensure that the result will not adversely affect your pets and the people in the house. It means that the natural effect is safe enough for your pet to lick and tug at without requiring medical attention. Sometimes, pets get sick because of the cleaning materials in play in our homes, and we should thus consider some of these things. People without pets can go for the regular options though.

Single-purpose vs. multi-purpose

Some products on the market can only work on single surfaces such as rugs while others can work on carpets as well as other places where your pet is likely to have an accident. Getting a multi-purpose carpet shampoo enables you to hit two birds with one stone and is thus the more effective option, especially when house-training your furry friend.

The need for automation

If you are dealing with a water-sensitive carpet, then your best bet lies in using a carpet shampoo machine which will not affect the quality of your rug.

There are lots of carpet shampoos out there. However, not all are safe for your pet and the people living in your home. For this reason, be sure to do extensive research before zeroing in on one option. Good luck!

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