Cat Litters for Smell

If you have cats you already know all about the smell of cat litter (and everything that goes in that litter). So, does everyone who walks into your house, right? But you definitely don’t want that. You want to keep your house smelling great and that requires you to have the best possible cat litter to mask the smell. But just what should you be using in order to do it?

List of Top-Rated Cat Litters for Smell

Product ImageProduct NameStyleCatsScentedMaterialFlushableMore Information
1. World's Best Cat Litter Multi-Cat - Best for Renewability1. World's Best Cat Litter Multi-Cat - Best for RenewabilityClumpingMultipleNoWhole-Kernel CornYesMore Information
2. World's Best Cat Litter Clumping - Best For Biodegradable and Renewable Ingredients2. World's Best Cat Litter Clumping - Best For Biodegradable and Renewable IngredientsClumpingSingleNoWhole-Kernel CornYesMore Information
3. World's Best Cat Litter Lavender - Best Biodegradable Scented Litter3. World's Best Cat Litter Lavender - Best Biodegradable Scented LitterClumpingMultipleLavenderWhole-Kernel CornYesMore Information
4. Dr. Elsey's Ultra - Best For Non-Tracking4. Dr. Elsey's Ultra - Best For Non-TrackingClumpingMultipleNoClayNoMore Information
5. Ultra Pet Ultra Cat Litter - Best for Unique Soft Litter5. Ultra Pet Ultra Cat Litter - Best for Unique Soft LitterClumpingMultipleNoCrystalsNoMore Information

The Best Cat Litters for Smell Reviews

1. World’s Best Cat Litter Multi-Cat – Best for Renewability

This cat litter is made by a company that’s well known for several variations of it. The litter itself is high quality and it’s actually made with a renewable resource, which means you can feel better about using it with your cats. You don’t have to worry about how you get rid of it either because it’s actually not full of chemicals like many of the other litters you’ll find at the store.

Ingredients & Qualities

With this cat litter you’re actually getting whole kernel corn as the main ingredient. It’s 100% natural and it’s fully renewable, which means that it’s something you don’t have to feel bad about using or about throwing out when you’re done with it. Because of the way it’s made you get less odor and you can actually flush this litter because it’s septic safe.

The corn that’s used is completely pet friendly, family friendly and safe for the environment as well. You’re actually getting a whole lot of benefits that you wouldn’t get any other way, which is definitely going to be a benefit for you and for your cat.

Clumping & Scooping

This is a scoopable litter, which means that you don’t have to worry about dumping out the entire box either. You can easily scoop out the clumps that occur on their own when your cat uses the box and then you’ll be able to throw them out or even flush them. It’s just that easy for your litter box to be in better shape.

Because you can scoop out the litter box you’re going to have less of the smell because the odor causing elements are removed. This can be better for your entire house as well. No one wants to smell an awful litter box, right?

How Much Dust is There With This Litter?

It’s guaranteed to keep away up to 99% of dust, which means you’re not going to have to worry about it getting in the air when you’re scooping.

When Should I Change the Litter Out?

You should scoop the litter periodically to get rid of clumps but when it comes to fully changing the box it depends on how many cats you have. With 2 cats you can actually keep the litter for up to 2 months or more.

This litter can help you keep down the dust and it can definitely help you keep down the odor, plus it’s made with renewable ingredients. That’s definitely more than enough reason for me to recommend it.

2. World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping – Best For Biodegradable and Renewable Ingredients

Another option made by one of the top brands, this cat litter is a clumping option that takes care of several of the biggest problems you might have when it comes to your cat litter. It doesn’t have an odor of its own but it does help keep down the odors that you would otherwise notice with your litter box. It also clumps together to make it easier to clean out whenever you need to.

Ingredients & Qualities

If you want a litter that’s renewable, biodegradable and better for the environment then you’re in the right place. This cat litter is actually designed to help you feel better about your environmental impact. That’s because it’s made with whole kernel corn that’s fully renewable. You don’t have the added chemicals and artificial ingredients that are worse for the environment.

This cat litter is also designed to clump and to mask the odors of your cats messes a whole lot easier. You just scoop it out when it’s been used and you can flush it or throw it away just like that. On top of that it’s nearly dust free, which is better for everyone around you.

Environmentally Friendly

This product is more than just environmentally friendly, it’s actually better for your cat and for you as well. That’s because of the lowered amount of dust and the fact that it’s made with better ingredients. In fact, this is one of the only cat litters that you’ll find that is made this way and with natural ingredients like whole kernel corn.

When you’re ready to dump it out you can feel better about that as well because this cat litter is biodegradable because of the ingredients in it. You’re going to be doing something that’s much better for those around you by using it.

Can I Flush This Litter?

You actually can flush this litter easily because the ingredients are made to break down. They are septic safe and you can feel comfortable getting rid of it this way.

Is There a Scent to This Litter?

It’s not made to have a scent though you may get a little bit of one because of the ingredients themselves. It doesn’t have any kind of perfumes or additives for scent put in.

This cat litter is designed to make it a lot easier for you to keep the odors down in your house. It’s lightweight and also scent free but still renewable and much better for the environment than other options.

3. World’s Best Cat Litter Lavender – Best Biodegradable Scented Litter

If you want a scented cat litter that is also going to help you with several of the other features you expect from your cat litter this is where you want to be. It’s actually one of the top brands that you probably already know, but it’s also going to give you some added benefits over even some of the other versions of this brand.

Light Scent for Odor Masking

No one likes the smell of a dirty litter box and that’s why keeping odors under control is so important, but this product does more than that. It actually helps you to keep odor under control and then helps to mask the odors that are there because it has a light scent of its own. The litter itself smells like lavender, but even the scent is natural.

You’re getting a litter that is clumping and easy to scoop through. It’s also flushable. These features also contribute to the fact that it’s easy to use and easy to keep the odors down. You can scoop out messes easily and even flush them or throw them out when you want.

Renewable Resources

Most cat litters are made with ingredients you definitely don’t want out in the environment, but this litter is completely different. It’s actually made from whole kernel corn and it’s 100% natural, so you can feel great about using it and about throwing it away when you’re done with it as well. That’s because it’s fully renewable and even biodegradable.

You can do just about anything with this litter once it’s used because it’s going to break down naturally, rather than the high chemical content of most litter products. It’s also going to grow back again easily and quickly so you don’t have to feel bad about ‘using it up.’

Is This Litter Flushable?

This is a big question for a lot of people and the answer is that you actually can flush it. This makes cleaning out the litter box much easier.

Is the Scent Strong?

The lavender scent is designed to be a little bit subtler so you can smell it over the smell of the litter box but it doesn’t take over otherwise.

This litter is made by a quality company and it’s completely renewable and biodegradable. All of this is important for the environment as well as your cat.

4. Dr. Elsey’s Ultra – Best For Non-Tracking

With this scoopable litter you’re getting something strong enough for several cats, which is important because who really has just one? It’s ultra strength and it’s designed to keep odor under control without adding any scent of its own. That’s important because it means you don’t just have warring scents that are making your house seem even worse than before.

Overall Features

The best part of this litter is that it’s designed to keep odors under control. But that’s not all it’s going to do. It’s actually designed completely unscented, with natural ingredients that you can feel good about using around your family and with your pets. After all, you want them to stay healthy and happy, right?

With this litter you’re also getting something virtually dust free. That’s important for any household, whether you have allergies or not. No one wants their cats tracking litter all the way through their house. On top of all of that you get a clumping litter that’s easy to use and easy to clean out.

Strong Texture

The texture of a cat litter is actually more important than you might think. That’s because your cats have a natural instinct to dig and this litter not only allows them to dig but encourages them to do so. It’s a mix of medium grain clay and heavy granules that make it simple for them to follow their natural instincts.

The strong texture is even designed for smaller cats and kittens that need something a little softer and gentler for their paws. It’s great for all ages and even all sizes. Plus, the mix of granule sizes and textures means that it’s non-tracking.

Is This Designed for Multiple Cats?

You can use this cat litter for any number of cats but it may require more frequent changing. You’ll want to pay close attention to how they are using it to determine how often it needs to be changed.

This cat litter helps your cat follow their instincts and also makes sure that they aren’t tracking dust and debris through your house. That definitely makes it a great choice.

5. Ultra Pet Ultra Cat Litter – Best for Unique Soft Litter

This litter is designed to be soft on your cats’ paws. Where most litter is made of small, hard granules, this one is actually made with a softer material that looks similar to pearls or crystals. Even still, this unique product is designed to eliminate the odors that you would most commonly smell so you can feel better about that litter box sitting in your home.

Features & Qualities

There are several different features to this product, but the most unique is that it’s a soft litter and all you need is one small bag to last an entire month. Of course, that’s going to depend on just how many cats you actually have in your home, but you’ll be able to get at least a couple weeks out of each bag of material.

It’s designed to absorb and to dry out solid waste, which helps to eliminate the odor. All of this means that you can scoop away the waste and not have to worry about the smell that seems to work its way through if you’re not careful.


The material is actually soft, which means that even softer kitten paws aren’t going to have a problem here. Rather, you’re going to notice that your cats have no problem digging and walking around in this cat litter whenever they need to use it, but they aren’t going to be tracking it all over your house like with standard litters.

This material creates practically no dust, which is another great benefit for anyone who wants to keep their house clean and tidy. It’s even better for the environment because it’s not made with a high number of chemicals or heavy clay.

What is The Scent Like?

There’s actually no scent at all to the litter and there’s virtually no scent to your litter box when you use it as well. It does a great job of absorbing everything and keeping the box smelling almost empty.

Can I Use This For Multiple Cats?

You can use this litter for as many cats as you have but it may not last the full month if you do. More cats mean more messes and that means the litter is going to work harder, which means it won’t last as long.

This is a great quality litter for those who want to keep their furry friends more comfortable. It’s designed to be soft and to completely get rid of odors of all types, which makes it great for any household.


You can find all different kinds of cat litter on the market, which makes it a whole lot more difficult to find a good one. With any of these though you can actually start seeing (or smelling) the difference a lot faster. They’re designed to help you get a better smelling house but still keep your furry friends close.

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