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I wasn’t one for dogs until a few years ago when I met my good friend Fred. Much of my dislike came from the fact that our family dog bit me when I was a child. Fred was quick to brush off these fears, and he insisted that I should hang out with his dog Fred Junior. It took a lot of coaxing and surprise dog-sitting activities to get me there, but there came a time that I could not imagine my life without Fred’s pup. Fred’s best surprise for me that year was the day he handed me Roger, and I was in love from the word go. Enough of that backstory, and on to present day where Roger and I have our ups and downs.

To start with, Roger loves puddles. I have to hold him back when he sees a pool of muddy water, and this does not work that much as he always finds a way to get dirty. Imagine him heading back to the house, all dirty and wet with his tail wagging in excitement. On the one hand, I am so happy that such simple things can give him the joy he so much deserves. On the other hand, I have to rush downstairs to rub him with a towel before he lays on the carpet with all that mud attached to his coat.

Over time, I have come to see that I am not the only one dealing with a dog that loves to roll around in the dirt. Though it is part of dogs’ charm, it can be very frustrating, especially for a first-time pet owner like me who had no idea where to start. Roger had no issue with being dirty, and he seemed to prefer it. But I have a young nephew who likes to play with him, and I have to look after his health. On top of that, I do prefer having a clean house. In comes the shampoo!

What is the best dog shampoo?

Choosing a dog shampoo is all about considering even the smallest of details if you want to get the best product for your dog. But before you do that, you should know that the health of your dog’s coat is very dependent on the care practices that you have in place. You may be washing your dog too much, and this could be the reason behind its dry and itchy skin. Dogs need the naturally occurring oils on their surface as they help in protecting their skins from irritation and other sources of discomfort. For this reason, you need a shampoo that is gentle and one that you can often use without running the risk of damaging the coat.

Something that I have come to learn during my time with my dear Roger is that dog products differ and not all shampoos will result in the effects that they promise. I have been through quite many bottles of shampoo, and something that Fred, I and other dog lovers can agree on is that many dog shampoos do more to harm the situation than fix it. Before we get into what you can safely use on your dog, let’s focus on grooming and other techniques that do a lot in protecting the health of your dog’s coat and its immune system as a result.

Human Shampoo: Yes or No?

The day Fred brought Roger, I remember joking that I should place him on the tub and use some of my shampoos on him to give that coat an excellent clean. First, there was the look of concern followed by hesitation to hand over the pup. Over time, I have come to appreciate the reaction that Fred have as well as the long lecture that followed this joke.

Yes, it is very tempting to use your shampoo on your dog. I mean, with all the natural ingredients in our shampoos, what could go wrong? And on the plus side, you would only need one bottle to serve both you and the dog. Great thinking, isn’t that so? Well, it turns out that it would not be a good idea.

While it is true that you can use your shampoo on the dog now and then, doing so more than when you have to can have drying effects on the dog’s coat. Why is that?

The difference in pH levels

Did you know that manufacturers consider our pH when making shampoos? It turns out that our skin does best with shampoos with pH ranges anywhere from 5.2 all the way to 6.2. That’s a pretty acidic range, but our skin thrives under such conditions. The same does not hold for dogs whose skin does well with shampoos with pH ranges of about 7.5.

Thus, if you use your acidic shampoo on your dog, not only are you likely to irritate their skin but you can also break it down, therefore exposing them to parasites and bacteria.

Skin Sensitivity

We are lucky to have skin layers in the range of 10-15. For this reason, our skins are not all that sensitive to the products that we use. That is not to say however that we should not pay attention to what we are applying to our bodies. Dogs, on the other hand, have about three to five layers and this makes their skin more vulnerable to irritation. If you use human shampoo on your dog more than is necessary, do not get surprised when your dog starts rubbing against seats and other materials as it tries to get rid of the persistent itch that follows.

The rule here is that you should only use human shampoo on dogs when you do not have another choice and where the shampooing cannot wait until you get an alternative. Using a baby shampoo will lessen the effects of the shampoo on the dog skin.

What shampoo is good for dogs?

There are tons of dog shampoo manufacturers, and some of them have done outstanding jobs. Best shot dog shampoos have been all the craze for a while, and I have taken to using them too, owing to their high-quality. Here are some of their best products as at now:

List of Top-Rated Shot Dog Shampoos

Product ImageProduct NameSizeWeightSuitabilityMore Information
1. Best Shot Ultra Wash Shampoo - Best Shot Dog Shampoo for All Coats1. Best Shot Ultra Wash Shampoo - Best Shot Dog Shampoo for All Coats12*6*6 inches131.68 ouncesAll CoatsMore Information
2. Best Shot Pet Ultra Wash Too Shampoo - Best Shot Dog Shampoo for Damaged Coats2. Best Shot Pet Ultra Wash Too Shampoo - Best Shot Dog Shampoo for Damaged Coats12*6*6 inches136 ouncesDamaged CoatsMore Information
3. Best Shot Deodorizing Pet Shampoo - Best Shot Dog Shampoo for Smelly Coats3. Best Shot Deodorizing Pet Shampoo - Best Shot Dog Shampoo for Smelly Coats8.5*2.5*2.5 inches19.04 ouncesSmelly CoatsMore Information
4. Best Shot Whitening Pet Shampoo - Best Shot Dog Shampoo for Stained Coats4. Best Shot Whitening Pet Shampoo - Best Shot Dog Shampoo for Stained Coats12*6*6 inches137.76 ouncesStained CoatsMore Information
5. Best Shot UltraMAX Pro Pet Shampoo - Best Shot Dog Shampoo for Oily Coats5. Best Shot UltraMAX Pro Pet Shampoo - Best Shot Dog Shampoo for Oily Coats8.5*2.5*2.5 inches18.4 ouncesOily CoatsMore Information

The Best Shot Dog Shampoos Reviews

1. Best Shot Ultra Wash Shampoo – Best Shot Dog Shampoo for All Coats

General Overview

This dog shampoo for dry skin as well as other coat types works great for double-coated breeds. It reduces the amount of time that you spend in brushing and also works to minimize hair loss owing to shedding. It is free of soap and hypoallergenic, making it safe for use on sensitive skin.


Q: Can I use this on my huskies?
A: Yes, you can.
Q: Can this shampoo cause irritation?
A: No, the formula is quite mild.

2. Best Shot Pet Ultra Wash Too Shampoo – Best Shot Dog Shampoo for Damaged Coats

General Overview

The great thing about using this shampoo is that you can cut bath time in half as you can do without the pre-brushing stage. This mild shampoo does away with matted hair as it gently cleanses the coat, leaving your dog feeling clean and fresh. You can also use this on cats.


Q: How good is this shampoo?
A: It cleans the dog without leaving behind a wet dog smell.
Q: Does this work for shedding?
A: Yes, it reduces the amount of hair loss over time.

3. Best Shot Deodorizing Pet Shampoo – Best Shot Dog Shampoo for Smelly Coats

General Overview

Having a smelly dog running around the house is no fun. Thanks to this itchy dog shampoo, you can get rid of any odors coming from your dog by killing the odor-causing bacteria. In this way, you will not have to worry about re-occurrence of the smell after a while as there is no masking in play.


Q: My dog has a problem controlling its bladder. Will this help?
A: If you have not been to the vet, I would suggest that you try that first. As for whether this will help with the odor, the answer is yes.
Q: What is the scent of this shampoo?
A: It is quite mild but strong enough to get rid of the doggy smell.

4. Best Shot Whitening Pet Shampoo – Best Shot Dog Shampoo for Stained Coats

General Overview

Has your dog’s coat lost its natural shine and color? This shampoo will not only deep clean the spots that suffer discoloration, but it will also ensure that the fur feels soft afterward. You can also use this shampoo on horses, cats, and dogs.


Q: I have a dog showing contest coming up soon. How good is this shampoo in brightening coats?
A: It works great and will leave your dog looking bright.
Q: Is this shampoo damaging to dog coats?
A: No, it does not ruin the coat. Instead, it makes it softer and more manageable.

5. Best Shot UltraMAX Pro Pet Shampoo – Best Shot Dog Shampoo for Oily Coats

General Overview

A good dog shampoo gets rid of dirt on the surface as well as on the skin as it eliminates any excess oils in play. This shampoo meets all these needs by cleansing the dog thoroughly to prevent the occurrence of greasiness.


Q: I have a Pomeranian with a very thick coat. Will this work?
A: Yes, it will leave the hair feeling soft and smooth.
Q: How is the smell?
A: It smells great, and the scent lingers for a while before it fades.

How to groom a dog

The number of times that you bathe your dog will depend on how fast they get dirty as well as their breed. Some dogs are sensitive to shampoos, and it is best to limit the washing times to about once every three months. Some dogs do well with frequent washing, and if you are lucky to have such a dog, you can shampoo them even more than once a month. I find that having a dry dog shampoo comes in handy where you want to avoid the entire shampoo routine while keeping your dog clean. You can also opt for a water rinse in-between baths to help you clean your dog without damaging their coat.

If you are dealing with a double-coated breed, you should note that they are likely to suffer reactions from too many baths. The more you shampoo such a dog, the more you damage their coat, and you thus expose them to infections. To avoid drying out, bathe such a dog once every three months while seeking alternatives in between.

Effects of shampooing too often

Have you ever noticed that your scalp tends to dry out when you wash it too often? The same happens to dogs when you make shampooing a regular part of their routine. As the skin dries, it becomes prone to irritation, and your dog starts scratching itself a lot. In some cases, it can lead to lesions. And the effects are not only on the skin, but they also affect the quality of the coat. Over time, your dog loses its natural coat shine, and the hairs become brittle. What was once soft and lustrous hair turns dull and rough to the touch. An easy way to prevent having to bathe your dog too often would be by brushing them in between washes and using waterless dog shampoo.

Effects of lack of bathing

While some people opt to wash their dogs too much, others do the opposite by avoiding bath times. You may think that this will protect your dog from itching but it will only work to help your dog absorb the residue through the skin, and this will eventually lead to irritation. Both extremes work to harm your dog, and you should find an in-between that works for you and your pooch.

How to stop dog itching

Sometimes, itching is as a result of a poor diet and other internal causes. For this reason, you must first consult a vet before thinking of any remedy. Once it is clear that the cause stems from washing too much or too little or using the wrong products, you can then work on finding a dog shampoo that works best for your dog’s condition.

How to shampoo a dog

A little planning goes a long way in making bath time fun for both you and your dog. Start by brushing through the fur to get rid of all debris before using lukewarm water on the coat. Ensure that you protect the dogs face from the water and comb through the lather towards the direction of hair growth. Finish up by rinsing with adequate water followed by wrapping the dog in a soft and absorbent towel.

With these practices in play, you are sure to have a healthy dog. Be sure to choose a shampoo that suits the needs of your dog, and you will be just fine. Good luck!

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