Wet Cat Foods for Weight Loss

We’ve all been there, putting on a little bit of extra weight and wanting to get rid of it. But what if it happens to your cat? Yes, it can absolutely happen to your cat. That’s when the vet tells you that maybe you should look at putting your furry friends on a diet. But actual diet food can be a bit of a hassle for some. That’s why some of these wet foods are the way to go. They help with weight loss, but they aren’t going to be too expensive or drive your cat crazy.

List of Top-Rated Wet Cat Foods for Weight Loss

Product ImageProduct NameFlavorOther FeaturesPackage SizeAgeWet or DryMore Information
1. Royal Canin Feline Health - Best for Texture1. Royal Canin Feline Health - Best for TextureThin Slices in GravyDigest Sensitive24 CansAdultWetMore Information
2. Nulo Freestyle Adult & Kitten - Best for Grain-Free Benefits2. Nulo Freestyle Adult & Kitten - Best for Grain-Free BenefitsTurkey & ChickenGrain-Free12 CansAdult & KittenWetMore Information
3. Hill's Science Diet Adult - Best for High Quality Weight Maintenance3. Hill's Science Diet Adult - Best for High Quality Weight MaintenanceChickenN/A1 BagAdultDryMore Information
4. Hill's Science Diet Adult Wet Cat Food - High Quality Wet Food4. Hill's Science Diet Adult Wet Cat Food - High Quality Wet FoodSavory SalmonLean Muscle and Organ Health24 CansAdultWetMore Information
5. Natural Balance LID Limited Ingredient Diets - Best for Limited Ingredients5. Natural Balance LID Limited Ingredient Diets - Best for Limited IngredientsDuck & Green PeaLimited Ingredient24 CansAdultWetMore Information

The Best Wet Cat Foods for Weight Loss Reviews

1. Royal Canin Feline Health – Best for Texture

Designed for adult cats, this cat food is for more than just weight loss and healthy weight maintenance. It’s actually designed to help your cat in a number of different ways and that’s why you’ll want to take a look at it. You’ll get plenty of cans in each package so your cat (or cats) will start feeling better, looking better and actually being better. You’ll never want to change their food.

Flavor and Style

If your cats absolutely love wet cat food, they’re definitely going to love this one. It’s a soft wet food that gives them slices of meat in a type of gravy. That helps make it softer and easier for them to chew and digest. In fact, it includes a number of proteins, fats and carbs, in a balanced formula that’s great for your cat health wise and flavor-wise.

The moderate texture and the palatable style of the food is going to help with their weight loss process as well. But even more than that you’re going to get some other great features and some benefits that have little to do with the weight loss.

Additional Benefits

When it comes to benefits from the food your cats are eating you want to make sure they’re healthy. Well, this food gives them balanced nutrients as well as moderate calories. It also has digest sensitive features. That means it’s designed to be easier for them to take in.

On top of the digestive abilities of this food it’s also designed to help reduce the stool odor. Who doesn’t want a better smelling litter box? If giving them a great tasting food that’s good for them can also help your litter box that’s a win-win, right?

Does This Food Really Have Slices in It?

The food isn’t exactly full slices but it does have pieces that are going to provide more texture. You’re not getting a loaf of wet food or anything that’s too thick for your cat to eat.

Is This Easy for Older Cats to Eat?

Even cats who have difficulty with some types of food will not have a problem with this one. It’s soft enough that they can chew it up and still textured enough to keep them happy.

This is definitely a food that I would feed my cats if they were having trouble with their weight (which they are a bit). It’s great tasting and it’s not a thick paste like you get with some of the more standard wet cat foods.

2. Nulo Freestyle Adult & Kitten – Best for Grain-Free Benefits

If you don’t want your cat eating a lot of grain this is a great way to help them get the benefits they need without all of that grain. It’s a wet cat food that is designed for both adult cats and younger kittens, which makes it more convenient for you to feed each of your cats (if you have more than one). Plus, it’s got even more benefits that you wouldn’t expect.

Fun & Tasty Flavors

There are actually several different flavors that you can choose from with this food. That can be really important when it comes to getting your pickier eaters to try something a little bit different or get the health benefits that they actually need. This food comes in seafood flavors, light meats and darker meats with everything from salmon to duck or even chicken.

The flavors are all made in the USA, so you know a little bit more about what you’re feeding your cat. They’re also made with high quality ingredients. All around you’re getting something that you can feel confident about.

What’s Not Included

What you’re not getting can actually be just as important as what you really are getting. It’s all about knowing your products and making sure your cat is getting the best. In this food you’re not getting any kind of grain. That means no corn, wheat, soy or a whole lot else. You’re also not getting carrageenan, white potatoes or tapioca, all of which can be less than ideal for your cat.

On top of all these things there are no artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives included in this product. It’s designed to give low carb and high protein benefits and to do more than just keep your cat’s weight down. It actually improves their skin, their coat and their energy levels at the same time.

What Style of Food Is This?

You’re actually getting a type of pate, which is a thick wet food with a smoother consistency. It’s easier for cats to eat and to digest than some of the food with bigger pieces.

Where is the Food Sourced From?

Most of the meat products are actually sourced from North America, however some are also sourced from different regions of the world like France, Australia and more. Nothing comes from China.

If you want a healthy food that’s going to help your cat in a number of different ways this is a great way to do it. You get food that’s sourced carefully from different parts of the world and that keeps your cat healthy.

3. Hill’s Science Diet Adult – Best for High Quality Weight Maintenance

Made by a company that’s well known for high quality cat food this is definitely something you’ll want to take a closer look at. It’s a chicken recipe dry food rather than wet (in case you’re like me and don’t really like the smell of the wet stuff). It’s all high quality and it helps your cat keep the perfect weight, which is definitely an important aspect for cats of any age, right?

Features & Benefits

You’re going to have all kinds of features and benefits with this cat food because it’s actually designed to do more than just help your cat lose weight. This one is really designed to help maintain the weight that your cat needs in order to be healthy. But it does that with a whole lot of vitamins, minerals and even amino acids.

All of these ingredients have proven to reduce weight in most cats within just 10 weeks. According to Hill’s Bet Nutrition research they found that 70% of cats lost weight during this period of time. And those aren’t the only benefits you can see. You’ll notice a better immune system and lean muscle as well.

Ingredients Included

You’re getting real chicken as the top ingredient in this food, which means your cat is getting health benefits right off the bat. You’re also getting other all-natural ingredients that your cat needs. You’re not getting things like preservatives and artificial flavors or colors. Plus, there’s no chicken by-product meal like you get in a lot of other pet foods.

Real meat is used in all the different variations of this food, whether you get chicken options, lamb, salmon or something else entirely. You’ll be able to trust in all those antioxidants, vitamins and more that your cat is getting.

Is the Kibble Small Enough for Smaller Cats?

It’s not necessarily small enough for kittens to eat, but then this food is designed for fully grown adult cats. Still, the pieces are easy enough for adult cats to eat.

Do You Need A Prescription for These Foods?

There are some versions of this brand that require a prescription but the Science Diet version actually doesn’t. These foods are available for anyone to purchase to keep their cat healthier.

This is definitely a cat food that I would recommend because it’s designed to keep your cat healthier all the way around. Whether they’re older or a little younger, larger or not, it’s great to help them with several different wellbeing aspects.

4. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Wet Cat Food – High Quality Wet Food

This company is one that’s really well known for the best quality food you’re going to find. This wet food is designed for adults and gives you plenty of health benefits along the way. In fact, it’s designed to do plenty in helping your cat get to the ideal weight, but there’s more to it than that too.

Flavor & Style Options

You’re actually getting a type of pate food with this one, which means it’s a slightly thicker consistency but still soft and smooth. This makes it easier for your cat to eat and easier for them to digest. Even if you have an older cat that has trouble eating sometimes this will be a food that makes things easier for them.

The flavors are actually varied. You can choose between salmon, ocean fish and tuna or chicken, turkey or liver. There are also variety packs so you can get a range of different options for your cat each day. Overall, your cat is going to get a food that they can enjoy.

Features & Benefits

There are a number of health benefits that you’ll find with this cat food. For one thing, you’re going to get the benefits to your cats’ weight. That’s important if you’ve started to notice that they’re getting a little bigger. You’re also going to get balanced nutrients including vitamins, minerals and more, which will help your cat get the energy that they need.

The right amount of energy helps with improving body weight and with this food it’s not the only benefit. You get easy to digest food that helps get better absorption of everything in it. This means your cat actually gets the nutrients that you’re expecting from the food. Plus, they could have less hairballs as a result of the formula.

Where are the Ingredients Sourced From?

Ingredients in these wet cat foods are sourced from countries that have what the company calls ‘reliable safety procedures.’ These countries include Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States as well as some European countries.

Can Cats Older Than 6 Eat This Food?

This food is designed for cats up to 6 years old but older than kittens. It’s not designed for senior and older cats. That doesn’t mean it’s dangerous for them, it just means they won’t get all the nutrients that they need.

This is a high-quality cat food that’s made by a company well known for just that. It’s definitely something that I would recommend and that I would be interested in feeding my cats.

5. Natural Balance LID Limited Ingredient Diets – Best for Limited Ingredients

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of pet foods have a large list of ingredients, but not all of those ingredients are actually good for your pet. Rather, they’re designed to preserve the food longer or to add in extra flavor that you don’t necessarily need. With this food you’re not getting those added ingredients, you’re getting something a bit more minimalistic.

Limited Ingredients

You want food for your cat that’s actually going to be good for them and this is a great food to do just that. It gives you only a few ingredients like the duck and green peas and a few preservatives rather than the long list of extras you get with most cat foods. Some also make it difficult for cats that have allergies because of added ingredients in the food. You definitely want to keep the list down.

By shortening the number of things added into the food you reduce the risk of your cat having an allergy problem and you also reduce the risk of unhealthy ingredients that they don’t need. With this type of formula you can feel better about the quality of the food they get.

What’s Not Included

There are plenty of things included here, like the green peas and duck or the chickpeas and salmon (depending on the flavor you choose). There’s even prebiotic fiber that helps your cat to digest their food better and even to go to the bathroom (which makes it easier for you to clean up that litter box).

You’re not going to get grain, however, which often acts as a type of filler in the food your cat gets. You’re not going to get ingredients that are unhealthy for your pet or that aren’t safe for any reason. Every batch of this food is actually tested to make sure it’s good for your cat.

Are There Really Less Ingredients in This Food?

There are fewer ingredients than you’ll find in many cat foods but it’s not exactly a low ingredient food either. You’re going to have more high-quality ingredients and less of the fillers that you don’t need.

Overall, this is a good quality food that will give your cat everything that they need without you having to worry about extra ingredients that could cause allergies or problems.


If your cat is having trouble with their weight it’s definitely a good idea to work on it. Overweight cats can have additional health problems that you definitely don’t want. After all, your cat is basically like your family, so make sure you treat them the way you would any of your other loved ones.

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